Barnes Public Prices

Public scrap metal prices are available by calling 865-397-9040 or stopping by our new facility in New Market, TN. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Sheet Iron/Steel  
Alum Cans  
Bare Bright Copper Wire  
#1 Copper  
#2 Copper  
#1 Insulated Copper 65%  
#2 Insulated Copper 55%  
Yellow Brass  
Brass Radiators Clean  
Brass Radiators Unclean  
Brass Breakage 65%  
EC Aluminum Wire  
Clean Cast Aluminum  

Clean Al Sheet and Clip/ NO FE

Irony Sheet 90%  
A/C Alum Copper Rads Clean  
A/C Alum Copper Rads/ Unclean  
MLC (Clean Segregated Clip)  
Chrome 356 Wheels  
Clean 356 Wheels (Not Chrome)  
Aluminum Turnings  
ACSR Wire/Ins Alum Wire  
Aluminum Breakage 50%  
Alum Transmissions (no oil/cnvrtr)  
300 series Stainless  
Lead & Wheel Weights  
Electric Motors  


Our scrap metal recycling facility is conveniently located on W. Highway 25/70:

1759 West Highway 25/70
New Market, TN 37820